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  1. Upgrade Using a mirror as a print surface
  2. Upgrade When your bed keeps sagging in the middle
  3. Tips Hardware FAQ
  4. Tips Random under extrusion? Full on blockage? A story of a full clog
  5. More Z Height? Easy Mod?
  6. Upgrade Skookum Brace - adding a second lead screw and vibration support to the CR-10 S4
  7. Upgrade Reducing ringing / ghosting in the prints
  8. Upgrade Inline heated bed multimeter
  9. E3D Titan Aero Mount / W Volcano
  10. How to obtain accurate HotEnd temperatures
  11. Upgrade Insulating the heated bed for greater performance
  12. Upgrade Clear Enclosure
  13. Options for getting a print to adhere properly to print surfaces
  14. Upgrade On glass, mirror and thermal distribution
  15. CR-10 Magnetic build plate
  16. Upgrade Flexible Supporting Extruder
  17. Upgrade v slot brace and static extruder
  18. Upgrade Extruder cover with filament and cable guide
  19. Looking for Mosaic Palette assistance
  20. Upgrade Using an ATX power supply with the CR-10
  21. Need Help Y-axis homing rewversed
  22. Tips Listing of the connectors needed to make CR-10 cables
  23. Board connections
  24. Vibrating x-axis
  25. Dual Z-axis lead screw upgrade :)
  26. Need Help Bed will not heat up
  27. Heat bed insulation
  28. Lifting Z axis
  29. Need Help Question about running heated bed @ 110C
  30. Auto leveling sensor
  31. heat bed thermistor
  32. New CR-10 user. Why include an acupunture needle rather than a SD card?
  33. Print temp quits on 3rd print.
  34. Need Help z axis not holding
  35. Stepper Motor Drivers ?
  36. Upgrade Low Filament Sensor
  37. New CR-10 Hot End not heating.
  38. Need Help New CR-10 Keeps crashing
  39. Need Help Print randomly displaces
  40. New CR-10S Mainboard Info??
  41. Need Help Anyone know if the CR-10 is capable of running a PT100 thermistor?
  42. Maximum Print Bed Size
  43. Upgrade Get the most out of your heated bed (Summary)
  44. Upgraded to e3d v6, how to adjust thermistor for correct temperature?
  45. I think I shorted my 3d printer
  46. Need Help Lines on the sides of prints
  47. Need Help Shorted out!?
  48. Max Temp Error
  49. Where To Get A Creality CR Series Motherboards or Equivalent
  50. Need Help USB shorted CR10
  51. Need Help Error printing
  52. Need help wiring laser to my Hictop CR-10
  53. Hictop cr-10 S5 arrived but missing filament detector. Wont print :( please help. Thx
  54. Filament feeder problems
  55. What Upgrades to get?
  56. CR-10 4s Bed Levelling Knobs
  57. [Titan Aero] Change Stepper Motor
  58. Are there different versions of the CR-10?
  59. teeny tiny little extruded layers
  60. Need Help Wayward grub screw!
  61. Need Help Free material.
  62. Need Help Cura settings ignored?
  63. Upgrade Wiring up an e3d v6 titan aero on a cr10 ?
  64. Upgrade 2.85 material
  65. Replacement Build Plate?
  66. Need Help Printing from SD Card
  67. High bowden pressure when moving left?
  68. Manually heating the hot end
  69. CR 10 S4 teething problems
  70. Z axis issues.
  71. 5v and/or 12v supply?
  72. gCode on Stop?
  73. Changing hot ends?
  74. Need Help Newbie Question. First layers great then stringy
  75. Y axis issue?!
  76. What is the LCD and Motherboard Upgrad?
  77. Upgrade Printing on the *back* of Ikea LOTS mirrors.
  78. Need Help Position trigger from printer?
  79. Need Help Octopi no longer connects to Printer
  80. CR10 comms
  81. CR-10 Auto Resume after power loss
  82. Problems on corners
  83. z axis rod sticking out on one side (CR 10S)
  84. CR-10s basic mods needed
  85. Need Help Strange Fault
  86. Help....Y motors don't work
  87. loose nozzle
  88. Fridays child
  89. Need Help Problem when trying to print
  90. Need Help white screen of death
  91. Need Help Just assembled CR-10S. Printer won't read all of microSD card
  92. Need Help Extrusion problem?
  93. Need Help Z print misaligned
  94. Under Extrusion?
  95. What could I have popped by moving the Y axis too fast? No heater!
  96. Z Axis stuttering on brand new CR-10S
  97. Updated to a new hotend, changed to the screw in Themistor and temps are showing 650c
  98. What would cause and extruder to start slipping?
  99. Need Help Hot bed misaligned
  100. Need Help - print issue
  101. CR-10 Firmware Speed Settings?????
  102. Upgrade Upgrade info for CR- 10
  103. Connecting Anycubic ultrabse to CR-10 mini
  104. New warped glass
  105. What could be causing this?
  106. MKS BASE 1.5 and MKS SBASE 1.3 Frimware?
  107. Filament sensor
  108. What is the pin layout of the CR-10's stepper motor connector
  109. Misc Piece in Box of CR-10
  110. CR-10S Filament sensor. . .pausing print?
  111. Problem on First layer
  112. PCB Heat Bed Removal
  113. Need Help CR10S killed itself along with my PC
  114. Nozzle Search
  115. Need Help Dial/Switch CR-10s ghost
  116. Need Help extruder and print cooling fans wired incorrectly
  117. z axis motors on CR-10 vs CR-10S
  118. Need Help Massive PLA blob covering extruder
  119. SD Card questions
  120. CR-10 Squashing mid range layers
  121. new cr10s owner here, power question
  122. Why is my CR-10 S5 bunching up and how can I prevent this? Not even sure what to call
  123. SD card wiki link?
  124. Need Help Bed X,Y,Z set-up
  125. Need Help CR-10S Bed has stopped heating
  126. Creality CR-10 ESSENTIAL Unboxing, Assembly, First Print Video
  127. Need Help CR-10 Mini saying ERR:MAXTEMP BED
  128. Need Help Z axis grinding and stuck, looks like a dead stepper. 3 day old printer.
  129. Need Help Filament is Cooking
  130. CR10s where to start
  131. Need Help CR-10 Controller Board Mechanical Dimensions
  132. Creality CR-10 Mini Fan Modified
  133. CR10-S4 extruder 100mm adjustment
  134. Stepper motor downsized?
  135. Bowden tube jamming at hot end
  136. Idiot needs help
  137. Need Help Extruder not going up to temp.
  138. Dual Extruder 10S - No Driver Chip?
  139. Need Help Scroll Wheel Clicking Itself
  140. CR10s - voltage setting uk 240volts
  141. Need Help CR-10 Control Board
  142. control box beeing powered by usb cable
  143. Upgrade Fan upgrades
  144. Extrude Stepper
  145. firmware original cr-10 S
  146. CR-10S & BLTouch, Z-Max?
  147. Need Help Z axis struggling
  148. Problem please help me!!!!
  149. Need Help Problems with the first few layers
  150. Need Help Z Axis missing layers about 15mm up consistantlt.
  151. Need Help bed too low, impossible to level
  152. Cr10 Mini z axis
  153. Kind of at my wits end-layer ship x
  154. CR-10S all corners blob out
  155. Question about capability before I invest
  156. nozzle temp not registering on the control screen
  157. Need Help Random Extrusion
  158. Extruder temperature problem
  159. Heat protection damaged?
  160. Got my Offbrand CR-10s. Calibration help?
  161. Need Help, brand new machine possessed?
  162. Need Help Z stop replacement
  163. New CR10S Arrived :)
  164. Need Help Cr-10 laser engraving
  165. Upgrade tearing my hair out
  166. Need Help Part Identification
  167. Y-axis problem
  168. Need Help CR-10S Heat Bed temperature problem
  169. Need Help Z Axis separating
  170. Need Help CR-10 Mini really bad prints.
  171. Need Help No "change filament" in the "Tune" command menu (CR10S)
  172. Bed not parallel to Table.
  173. Need Help Changing the controller board : how to unscrew the old one
  174. Prusca I1 MK3 hotend and extruder
  175. Hot bed CR-10S
  176. Need Help Bed plate wobble
  177. Need Help Gantry Wheel Nut on wrong side?
  178. Upgrade DIY Smart Universal 3D Printer Enclosure
  179. Desperately need help!
  180. CR-10s skipping 6 layers
  181. Need Help Bed springs
  182. I know what I did but...
  183. Need Help filament stuck - filament loading frustration
  184. Heatbed All Scratched Up, New Delivery
  185. Need Help All Metal Hotend Clogging Problems with Creality CR-10 S5 Max
  186. Need Help Extruder catching bed clips
  187. Need Help Extruder giving off thin strands and not setting down first layer at all
  188. Cr-10s Heatbed and USB
  189. Need Help Z axis offset fails
  190. Bed levelling and Z axis
  191. Help! Issue with nozzle temp!
  192. Upgrade my CR-10 mini
  193. Need Help CR-10 Mini Heatbed stuck at 28 degrees
  194. Creality CR-10 Pause-Resume problem
  195. Upgrade Upgraded CR-10 to CR-10s, Now Z Endstop reads backward
  196. Upgrade specs for thermistors/motors?
  197. Need Help Printer popping a breaker when pre heating or disabling the steppers
  198. Titan Aero on the C.R.10s
  199. Help! Heater loose
  200. CR10 seems to be missing horizontal passes.
  201. Need Help Filament holder tube
  202. Brand-New CR-10s buzzes when I try to auto-home
  203. Need Help HELP! Cr-10S hot end fan shorted something.
  204. Temperatures on display when turning on not correct.
  205. Creality CR-10S motherboard V2.1
  206. CR-10S extruding problem
  207. Extruder fan not working
  208. Problems setting Creality ABL Sensor Logic Invert
  209. Smoke from yellow cable in control box
  210. X Axis Belt Change
  211. New to 3D printing
  212. New CR-10 bed wont heat
  213. Upgrade What type of nozzle do I buy for the CR10?
  214. Upgrade Capricorn tube installation
  215. CR-10 Bed not heating up anymore
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