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    To the creators that upload design files as well as .stl THANK YOU!

    Often I'll find an almost perfect solution to something on thingiverse. I want to modify it to fit my needs but the creator only uploaded the .stl file. Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox

    It is possible to import this and modify it, or at least slightly modify it in slicer but it is much much easier if they include the orignal files before exporting to a slicer.

    If I can open a file in fusion360 I can modify it to suit my needs perfectly. I am very appreciative when this happens and if I upload the new version will give credit to the original creator along with links to their version. But most of the time I just modify for my purposes and that is that.

    Anyways if you only upload the .stl file please consider adding the files from whatever program you designed it in because there are a lot of us out there and not everybody is going to use a design exactly as you make it. Instead of reverse engineering we'd really like to be able to just go into a cad program and work on it.
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