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    Any newbie tips???

    So I just started less than a week ago and I was wondering if anyone can give me tips regarding certain things :

    Forging Equipments: After reading some guides, I am currently attempting to make my Lunar Flute and Sentinel's Circlet as high as possible. But are there any other recommendations for Equipments that I should forge? Should I not have any equipment before level 40?

    Research: For research I am currently trying to spread it out because I am not sure on what to prioritize lol ( basically I just research tier two troops because tier two and then put in other stuff in between ). Any tips on this?

    Troop training: I have unlocked tier two troops but I am not sure on which troop type should I train the most. Also, the guides say that tier two is useless? Is this true? What kind of troop composition ( mix between tier 1/2 and also the four categories of troops ) would you say is ideal at my current level? Also my army amount is reaching my current max ( around 40K ), which troops should I kick out? Also for Level 1 300K might Darkness how many troops would I need?

    Which packs would you recommend purchasing? And what is the best hero line-up ( purchased heroes are also OK ) and troop composition for a mainly defense strategy?Youjizz Pornhub Tubegalore

    Also is it true that the game deletes inactive accounts?

    Thank you.
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