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    Keyboard clip to hold my Note 9!!

    I've been goofing around with my Samsung Note 9 and it supports Dex which is a desktop environment that supports a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I made a quick and dirty [clip that holds it onto my Bluetooth keyboard.]UC browser SHAREit MX player
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    Noun Form
    Singular and Plural
    Noun form can be either singular or plural. Singular means just one of the person, place, idea, thing or animal while plural means more than one person, place, thing, idea or animal.

    Types of Nouns
    1. Countable Nouns
    Countable nouns can be used in both singular and plural forms can be modified by numerals and can co-occur with quantifying determiners such as many, most, more, several, etc.

    For example, a car is a countable noun.

    There is a car in that garage.
    This example, the word car is singular because it refers to one car that is sitting in a particular garage. However, a car can also occur in the plural form.

    There are eight cars in that garage.
    In this example, the plural noun cars refer to more than one car because it is being modified by the numeral eight.

    2. Uncountable Nouns
    Conversely, some nouns are not countable. They’re called uncountable nouns. For example, the word clutter is an uncountable noun.

    The tank is full of water.
    This sentence makes logical sense. However, the following example does not.

    The tank is full of waters.
    Uncountable nouns usually cannot take plural forms. Therefore, the waters aren’t grammatical.

    Substances, liquids, and powders are entities that are often signified by uncountable nouns such as milk, oil, rice, wood, sand, water, and flour.

    3. Common Noun
    Common Noun is the words that refer to most general, unspecific categories of entities. For examples: teacher, grandma, cousin, girl, city, pen, car, country, evening, laughter, puppy, umbrella, etc.

    Common Noun examples in the following sentences are bold for easy identification:
    It is the sound of my alarm clock.
    Sita have many pen.
    4. Proper Noun
    Proper Noun is the name that identifies someone or something, a place or a person. Rohan is a proper noun since the word Rohan represents a particular name of a person. For examples: Swift, Divush, Singapore, Mary Kom, John, Audi, Kashmir, Steve Smith, California, etc.

    Proper Noun examples in the following sentences are bold for easy identification:
    Singapore is a beautiful country.
    My second grade teacher was Mrs. Sunita an old battle-axe.
    5. Abstract Noun
    Abstract is a type of noun that you can’t see or touch. A noun is a place, person or thing. However, in many cases, that ‘thing’ may be an intangible concept. For examples: happiness, integrity, democracy, success, pride, experience, power, charity, friendship, knowledge, etc.

    Abstract Noun examples in the following sentences are bold for easy identification:
    He spoke the truth, just as her mother lied to her.
    Friendship and love are equally important.
    6. Collective Noun
    Collective Noun refers to the group of persons, place, things. For examples: army, jury, class, audience, government, cattle, bunch, gang, cabinet, school, family, room, etc.

    Collective Noun examples in the following sentences are bold for easy identification:
    Rohit told the class she was getting engaged.
    There are thousand students in the school.
    7. Material Noun
    A material noun refers to a substance or material from which things are made. For examples: oil, water, gold, silver, war, chemical, shampoo, cotton, iron, etc.

    Material Noun examples in the following sentences are bold for easy identification:
    We use cotton from a local farm in our shirts.
    I drink milk daily in the morning.
    . Reena purchased a diamond ring .

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