My CTC printer was difficult to use on large prints, due to adhesion problems. The main issue is that the heated bed warps and bulges in the middle, even more as the bed temperature increases. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

I've installed a 3mm glass plate but it just conforms to the bed. It's held on with low-profile binding clips as well as picture frame clips, placed in 4 strategic locations, where the head doesn't hit them (often).

One solution to warping was to undo the calibration screws slightly and adjust the Z-offset in software, but it wasn't a great option.

For adhesion I've previously used wide (60mm?) masking tape and this was pretty good, but needed an acetone cleaning every 4-5 prints and replacement after about 10-15 prints. It also teared up easily and left an imprint of the seams.

I've tried all kinds of hair sprays, glue sticks, ABS/PLA dissolved with acetone but nothing worked as good as the masking tape.