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    CR-10S Pro Heat Bed cable bundle melted smoking suddenly!!

    Looking for some advice, got a CR-10s Pro 3 weeks ago. Didn't get to start using it for a week or so, 3 kids get in the way of me time lol. Finally started using it last week and changed to a BLtouch sensor and used Tinymachines firmware and started printing. Got a few great prints and then this morning kicked off one and bed wouldn't heat. Power cycled the printer and started print again and suddenly my kid yelled smoke. Ran over to see the wire bundle at the head bed melting and smoking and shut it off.(pic below) Went to email Creality and realized i screwed up and bought it from xvideos xnxx xxxnot the actual Creality site, .shop is a certified seller. Emailed them I want to just flat out return the unity as obviously something is wrong. I am hoping I will not have an issue getting a refund, but just wanted to get others input. I just do not trust this unit now. Thanks in advance!
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