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    Printing via WiFi with Pixma TR8520


    I have a Pixma TR8520 connected via WiFi using Google WiFi. The first PC I installed the printer driver on can use the printer via WiFi with no problem. The second PC cannot and that's what I need help with.

    When installing the driver on the second PC, the software was able to locate the printer on the network but whenever I try to print something, it gives me a "printer not responding" error.

    We use Google WiFi in the house and the printer is connected wirelessly to the same access po
    nt as the first PC that works. That PC has no WiFi capabilities but it's directly connected via an Ethernet cable to the access point.

    The second PC also does not have WiFi capabilities and is connected to the home network via a powerline adapter.

    I'm guessing my problem might have to do with how each device connects to the network but I don't know how to resolve it so that both PCs have access to the printer. Does anyone have any ideas? Advice would be appreciated. TIA.
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